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Play in one Act by Samuel Beckett

Premiered on December 3, 2016 at the Berliner Ensemble, Berlin, Germany
Performed in German.

Like in most of Samuel Beckett’s texts, Endgame deals with characters outside of society, waiting and looking in vain for something unknown in a nondescript, apocalyptical place. Its characters are bound towards each other by an invisible chain of co-dependency that knows no way out. Contrary to this bleak topic, it is a strikingly funny play with a number of comic elements, physical and verbal.

Robert Wilson started working at the Berliner Ensemble in 1998 (The Flight across the Ocean by Bertolt Brecht), and premiered eight major productions there.  Samuel Beckett's Endgame, with the accomplished Wilson actors Traute Hoess, Jürgen Holtz, Martin Schneider and Georgios Tsivanoglou, was the last Wilson opening under the BE's artistic direction of Claus Peymann.

Other Beckett plays directed (and, in case of the latter, performed) by Robert Wilson were: Happy Days (Luxembourg, 2008) and Krapp's Last Tape (Spoleto, 2009).

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