A Faustian Pact: final rehearsals for Goethe's masterpiece at the BE

I am in final rehearsals for Faust (Part I and II), to open on April 22 at the Berliner Ensemble. After many other Fausts in my career (Gertrude Stein's Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights, two operas - Doctor Faustus by Manzoni and Faust by Gounod), and works that contain other Faustian pacts with the devil (such as The Black Rider and The Freeshooter), this is finally the original. Maybe I have just been warming up all these years, for Goethe's masterpiece... In any case, it is great fun to work with Herbert Grönemeyer again. We did Leonce and Lena at the B.E. twelve years ago! It doesn't take much to be deeply touched by his beautiful music. See you at the opening or one of the previews.